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White People Need To Be Better People

December 13 0 Comments

“Of course, these white people needed black people to save themselves from themselves, again. Asking us, again, to transmute into bulletproof vests and dive into the path of their bullets while they played Russian roulette, again. Our vests weren’t strong enough to save them (and us) from Donald Trump, but apparently we found some reinforced […]

This Alabama Dad Is The Hero We Wish We Didn’t Need

December 13 0 Comments

Moore’s loss makes this all the more poignant, because it means that this guy and people like him had some sort of real impact, that stories like this aren’t for nothing. “I don’t know what I’ll accomplish. I really don’t. I had mixed emotions about coming, but somebody needs to speak up. And if it’s […]

Security robot at SPCA in the Mission gets a warning from the city to stay off the sidwalks – San Francisco Business Times

December 13 0 Comments

They are paying ~$60,000 annually to rent these robots. Imagine if all that money, and all the money spent in building and developing this tech, went to helping the homeless get off the street humanely instead of running around beeping at them. San Francisco is clamping down on the number of sidewalk delivery robots in […]

Storify – Create stories using social media

December 12 0 Comments

On May 16, 2018 Storify will disappear from the web. Create stories using social media. Turn what people post on social media into compelling stories. Collect the best photos, video, tweets and more to publish them as simple, beautiful stories that can be embedded anywhere. via Facebook through IFTTT

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