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Antarctica’s doomsday glaciers could be more vulnerable than we thought

November 21 0 Comments

“Minute-by-minute, huge skyscraper-sized shards of ice cliffs would crumble into the sea, as tall as the Statue of Liberty and as deep underwater as the height of the Empire State Building. The result: a global catastrophe the likes of which we’ve never seen.” New research reveals scary projections for rapid sea-level rise. via Facebook […]

Eight women say Charlie Rose sexually harassed them — with nudity, groping and lewd calls

November 21 0 Comments

“‘It has taken 10 years and a fierce moment of cultural reckoning for me to understand these moments for what they were,’ she told The Post. ‘He was a sexual predator, and I was his victim.’” The alleged incidents took place with employees, interns and job applicants at the “Charlie Rose” show. via Facebook […]

Damon Lindelof Is Adapting Watchmen for TV Because ‘We Need Dangerous Shows’

November 21 0 Comments

Not only is this a terrible and stupid idea on its own merits, one made with a complete ignorance of the current marketplace. This is also an incredibly stupid motivation, a dumb misinterpretation, of what Watchmen is and what its historical relevance was. A remarkably foolish, doomed, and bad idea all around. “What we think […]

Learning how to play Human Era! It’s a pretty nifty setup. #PAXUnplugged

November 19 0 Comments

Learning how to play Human Era! It’s a pretty nifty setup. #PAXUnplugged Uploaded by Aram Zucker-Scharff November 19, 2017 at 03:57PM from Facebook via IFTTT

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