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Analyzing the Gender Representation of 34,476 Comic Book Characters

July 18 0 Comments

“Marvel and DC are no longer simply convenience-store singles. Today, they’re blockbuster movies, fast-selling merchandise, drama-filled tv shows, and popular video games. The more we see these characters appear in pop culture, the more their representation matters — especially because female characters form such a small fraction of the whole. “Carolyn Cocca, academic and author […]

Arks of the Apocalypse

July 18 0 Comments

“There is … a very intense feeling that we’re losing biodiversity quicker than we can understand it.” […] “A growing consensus among scientists holds that we now live in the Anthropocene, an epoch defined by humanity’s impact on planetary ecosystems. We are responsible for the current die-off of species, not some asteroid or volcanic eruption. […]

How elite billionaires like Sheldon Adelson and Peter Thiel are restricting press freedom in America

July 18 0 Comments

“Trump doesn’t only talk. USA Today reported last year that he has filed no fewer than 3,500 libel suits in his lifetime. His main objective is to intimidate and silence, but Thiel and Adelson represent something new and smarter. “With deep pockets that suffice for any objective, they have found creative ways to silence and […]

Minneapolis Cop Shoots and Kills Australian Woman Through Door of His Car [UPDATED w/ comments from ACLU]

July 17 0 Comments

“The incident demonstrates the urgent need for higher employment standards at police departments across the country. Specifically, policies requiring the use of body cameras should be coupled with disciplinary measures that include termination for failure to activate body cameras as required. “And this kind of policy needs to be enforced vigorously. In that way, it […]

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