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Sorry to those of you sure that the aliens are coming to take you away. I would hold off celebrating. Eric Korpela, who actually works with SETI says, “I’m sure that many of you have seen the news reports of a “SETI signal” detected from the star HD 164595 I was one of the many […]

Bureaumancy: a genre for fantastic tales of the deeply ordinary

August 29 0 Comments

“Why does the fantasy genre find inspiration in all things mundane? Perhaps, as Charles Stross argues, it’s because magic provides the perfect metaphor for modern technological life, in which we “might not have starships, but there’s a Palantír in every pocket” – an argument I certainly have a lot of time for. Or perhaps it’s […]

Big Man Andrew Cuomo Kills ‘Vulnerable’ Large Animal For Sport

August 29 0 Comments

“Shortly after the publication of this article, Governor’s Office spokesman Richard Azzopardi sent a one-line email that reads as follows: ‘Your post is a joke.’” The governor channeled his inner Ernest Hemingway over the weekend. via Facebook through IFTTT

Comics Academe Roundtable: Teaching Bitch Planet – Women Write About Comics

August 29 0 Comments

What a fascinating conversation about how college professors are using feminist comic book Bitch Planet in classrooms to drive discussions about women, prisons and intersectionality. A longish read, but well worth it. Since the publication of the first issue of Bitch Planet by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro in December of 2014, many […]

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