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ohh-tedbundy: A true warrior.

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A true warrior.

When the Revolution Came for Amy Cuddy

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“The academic blowup between Simonsohn, then a relative unknown in social psychology, and Schwarz, the standard-bearer, signaled from the beginning that leaders on each side would ignore the norms of scientific discourse in an effort to discredit the other. One imminent shift in methods would bring another shift — one of tone — that would […]

It Takes Just $1,000 to Track Someone’s Location With Mobile Ads

October 18 0 Comments

“They they were able to follow their test phones’ locations within a range of about 25 feet any time the phone user left an app open in one location for about 4 minutes or opened it twice in the same location during that time span. They registered just a 6-minute delay in the ad network’s […]

Opinion | Yes, This Is a Witch Hunt. I’m a Witch and I’m Hunting You.

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“So, Mr. Allen et al., I know you hate gossip and rumor mills, but unfortunately they’re the only recourse we have. We wish it was different too. In a just system, Weinstein would have faced career-ruining social and professional consequences the first time he changed into a bathrobe and begged a horrified woman for a […]

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