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Protesters break windows, throw rocks before inauguration

January 20 0 Comments

A number that looks only likely to go up. Protesters were blocking some security checkpoints today, with one group chaining themselves to metal barricades. Police said the actions resulted in no immediate arrests and that no entrances had been completely shut down. via Facebook through IFTTT

Rise Up, a playlist by Aram Zucker-Scharff on Spotify

January 20 0 Comments

Your protest playlist, further enhanced. A playlist featuring Sara Bareilles, Flobots, Angel Haze, and others via Facebook through IFTTT

Washington Post Reporter Thrown to the Ground By D.C. Police at Violent Protest

January 20 0 Comments

“Riot police with batons, mace, and pepper spray arrived and pushed protesters into another line of armored police at 12th & L Streets, where several dozen were surrounded and arrested.” Protesters wearing all black were arrested as part of an unauthorized march by a group calling itself the “Anti-captialist, Anti-Facist Bloc.” via Facebook through […]

Donald Trump Plagiarized Bane in His Inaugural Speech

January 20 0 Comments

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Donald Trump officially became president today, and in an inaugural address he promised many things, some of which may sound familiar, because they were directly lifted from the D.C. comics villain Bane. via Facebook through IFTTT

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