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“Your brave new world’s too much like…

May 27 Comments Off on “Your brave new world’s too much like…

“Your brave new world’s too much like Huxley’s.

Is it so hard to keep on fighting what you see?”

The History of Pho

May 27 0 Comments

Something fun to end the week on, a deep dive into the history of Pho, which is delicious. Pho is more than soup. via Facebook through IFTTT

The hottest trend in Web design is making intentionally ugly, difficult sites

May 27 0 Comments

Internet Design Trend: Digital Brutalism. It’s called “brutalism,” and it harks back to simpler, zanier Internet times. via Facebook through IFTTT

eBay founder backing Gawker’s appeal of Hulk sex tape verdict

May 27 0 Comments

I imagine Gawker now understands what it is like when you’re standing on the ground and Godzilla and Mothra are facing off breathing fire at each other. I guess this is the new normal? Just dueling billionaires fighting proxy legal wars? Two Silicon Valley billionaires with a history of bad blood are squaring off over […]

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