Links 2-1-11: Google gets artsy, Readability pays authors, Gamify

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Top of the Interwebs:

Today Google launched its “Art Project.” It’s a nifty website with some very high resolution images combined with street-view style tours of the various art galleries involved. It’s cool, check it out. Even cooler, people can build their own collections of the art and share them, along with comments.


I miss Social|Median, that was a pretty sweet service. What I miss more? A really useful tool for learning things online. Social media is fun and all, but the echo chamber is a lousy teacher.


Check out this nifty chart on the composition of fancy drinks. Not only is it ‘pwety,’ but it is also useful if you want mix yourself a drink.

Worth looking at today:

AOL’s Patch is making a serious impact. The Donald Reynolds Journalism Institute did a very interesting assessment of the Patch network and the results make a worth-while read.

Gawker media drops Twitter buttons in its new design.

Readability launches a new service, you pay a small fee each month and it gets distributed out to the authors whose pages you read. Money for the win!

Arcade Controls

Image by Kimli used under a Creative Commons license.

The trend towards promoting game-like interactions throughout the web takes a big step forward with the launch of Gamify, a service built to enrich websites with game mechanics.

Google Search set a honeypot which caught Microsoft’s Bing with its hand in the results. Bing!

As the situation continues in Egypt, Mashable has a great examination of how journalists are using social media to report on the protesters.

Hey look, a game to teach you not to blindly trust in Google. I’m all for it.

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