Links 2-18-11: Tomorrow no more, The internet for a free Firefly, Wesleyan stops student prayer

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Firefly (TV series)

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Top of the Interwebs:

Nathan Fillion made a statement that if he had $300 million dollars he’d buy Firefly and distribute it for free on the internet.  The internet, ever enchanted by Captain Tightpants, has launched a website to give him that money. Yes, now you too can waste millions of dollars that would be better sent to a charity in order to freely distribute a TV show that you’ve already seen, probably own on DVD and almost certainly have stolen. Victory?


Today I stumbled across a pretty nifty writing tool called 750words. If you need a place to write in private without worrying about harddrive failure, this may be the site for you.

What should have been on the Top of the Interwebs:

Oh boy! Wesleyan College, in one of those wonderful behavioral codes universities try to impose, has abrogated students’ right to assemble. It seems to be some sort of attempt to get back at a fraternity or something. I guess double secret probation wasn’t doing it? Anyway, the college is attempting to pretend that they didn’t just ban students from going to their places of worship and, thankfully, the students are having none of it.

Worth looking at today:

NoteSlate, the cool monochromatic $99 tablet, has released some actual product shots. There is now a serious chance that this is a real thing. If so: awesome.

The Guardian has officially changed their style rules to eliminate references to “today”, “tomorrow”, “yesterday” and “tonight”. The main reason for the change is the internet. After all, content stays online far more than a week, so using those terms may get confusing quickly.

A really cool idea on how to turn every reader’s mobile phone into a newsroom of one. Let’s do it!

Puzzled by the new Facebook Pages? Well read this and be confused no more!

The George Soros, yes the one that Glenn Beck is so afraid of, has declared that Obama has given up The Economy to the Republican party and now we are all DOOMED!

Ken Jennings talks about what it’s like to be made irrelevant by SkyNet… errr… Watson.

Get a warning when a Netflix Watch Instantly item expires.

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