Links 2-28-12: Gmail glitch, Productivity apps and an eBook user’s bill of rights

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Top of the interwebs:

A Gmail glitch has seemingly wiped everything from about 150,000 accounts. Here’s how you should back up your e-mail to avoid losing everything.


Looking to build yourself a personal brand? Here are a few tips on what composes a brand and how to make it yours.

Worth looking at today:

Over objections from their user base, Facebook plans to share users’ home addresses and phone numbers with external websites. Will you stop using Facebook? No, you won’t. Stop complaining.

9 apps to make you super productive on Windows, Mac & Linux.

Librarian in Black outlines an excellent eBook user’s Bill of Rights.

‘Like,’ ‘share,’ and ‘recommend’: How the warring verbs of social media will influence the news’ future.”

Glenn Beck says something very stupid.

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