Links 3-8-11: Facebook vs Netflix, NPR executive on tape, Unfollow Charlie Sheen day

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Charlie Sheen in March 2009

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Top of the Interwebs:

Charlie Sheen is hiring a social media intern. Apparently there are already a lot of applicants. Not sure how that job is going to go.


4 ways to build better content by failing upward.

Event of the decade:

This Friday is Unfollow Charlie Sheen on Twitter day. Dooooo it!

Worth looking at today:

Facebook sucker-punched Netflix’s stock by announcing that they would let users rent movies for $3 or 30 Facebook credits. It starts with Warner Bros distributing the latest Batman movie, but there are plans to expand.

A hidden camera run by infamous conservative activist James O’Keefe, caught an NPR executive saying some bad things.

Another company provides evidence that Android ads are far outperforming iAds.

Remember that guy who cut together a video that made it appear as if he was singing a dirty song to a room full of kids? Well now he is getting sued for child pornography.

Oprah’s OWN network is not doing well.

Foursquare launches version 3 of their mobile application today.

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