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Top of the Interwebs:

CNN Money is reporting that Michael Arrington, possibly in reaction to his call for TechCrunch’s editorial independence, has been fired from AOL. This brings into question the venture capital fund that was supposedly going to include serious money from AOL.

Chadwick Matlin at CNN wonders if the tech world would be better off without TechCrunch.

Nieman Lab has an excellent round up of all things TechCrunch over this and the last volatile week.

Gawker runs with “Arianna Huffington Wins Again.”


After a long break here and on HackText I have a new blog post! This one considering the consequences of using DISQUS or Facebook as your commenting system.

Niche controversy of the day:

The Bitcoin experiment continues to build controversy and coverage. The latest is an article by Paul Krugman which is mostly negative on the fledgling cybercurrency.

Imminent Financial Failure of the Day:

It looks like HP’s mission to self-destruct gets a break in press coverage this week as Yahoo fires the CEO who was supposed to fix it all, Carol Bartz. Wall Street seemed to like the move, but people with common sense note that this is just one more indication of the complete lack of direction in the company. Industry watchers at PEHUB note that this may signal that other CEOs should start to fear the axe *coughAOLcough*. Oh, and I guess I should say Bartz announced her departure via an email sent from her iPad since everyone else seems to think that is vitally important.


Check out PBS MediaShift’s awesome infographic “The Story That Destroyed a 168 Year Old Newspaper.”

Worth looking at today:

Journal-Register Company and MediaNews Group merge into Digital First Media. This is a big freaking deal, with the new company controlling over 880 multimedia outlets, including more than 150 newspapers in the US. In case your were confused by the name this company will move forward with Journal-Register’s growing digital first strategy, possibly putting it head to head with Patch.. The company is being led by Journal-Register’s CEO John Paton, who may be the savior newspapers have been looking for.

This is a Market Watch link to an announcement that Ben and Jerry’s plans to release SNL’s infamous Schweddy Balls ice cream as a real flavor. The skit involved a fake NPR show… so here’s the NPR story. Put that in your mouth.

Reddit gets spun off as an independent operation, but Conde Nast retains ownership. This is a good idea.

Internet celebrities are getting excited about Google Plus again. You should circle me on Google Plus by the way, it’s pretty cool.

Are you paying attention to your webcam? Wired has an intriguing and somewhat frightening article on “How an Omniscient Internet Sextortionist Ruined the Lives of Teen Girls.”

Here’s a link to all 293 articles Google News found about Soulja Boy dissin on the US military. You read it, because I don’t care.

I guess there was some sort of debate today? Whatever, the thought of it is just too depressing. I’ll read up tomorrow.

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