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Google accused of ‘extreme’ gender pay discrimination by US labor department

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Janet Herold, regional solicitor for the DoL, said: “The investigation is not complete, but at this point the department has received compelling evidence of very significant discrimination against women in the most common positions at Google headquarters. […] “The government’s analysis at this point indicates that discrimination against women in Google is quite extreme, even […]

Ivanka Trump Has Always Been Oblivious

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“Ivanka truly believes that she understands your pain. That hearing news of her parents’ divorce from a tabloid is somehow equivalent to being forced to give birth because your state shuttered its last abortion clinic. That her failed lemonade stand allows her insight into the daily terror of wondering whether your neighbors will out you […]

Hired Goon Drags Man Off United Flight After He Refuses to Give Up Seat [Updated]

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“In the world of contemporary capitalism, just expecting to receive the services you paid for is often too much to ask. And if you don’t want to be complicit in United’s (and other airline’s) scheme of overbooking flights to squeeze every penny possible, you could be forcibly dragged off a plane while other passengers look […]

Sessions orders Justice Dept. to end forensic science commission, suspend review policy

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“Even before the announcement not to renew the national commission, several commission members from outside the Justice Department warned against ending its work, saying the Trump administration has made several moves to reduce the role of science and independent scientists in policymaking. “In a letter Thursday, six leading research scientists on the panel urged re-upping […]

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