Opinion: We Need To Talk About PewDiePie

September 11 0 Comments Category: Facebook, Feed

“You may find yourself balking at the idea that a YouTuber gets to shape culture, but that’s how reinforcement of ideas happen, especially when you cater to an audience that large, undoubtedly comprised of young people. Kjellberg’s slur is news because it reinforces gaming’s toxicity problem in a big way. Despite Kjellberg’s insistence that “he never set out to be a role model,” he is. You can’t play to that large of an audience without sending a message about who you are, what you value, and having that audience grapple with that message.

“The world’s biggest YouTuber and an idol to literally millions people saying a slur is news and it’s more than news, too. It’s a conversation everyone everywhere in this industry needs to keep having.”

This is bigger than one YouTuber.

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