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It’s Time To Purge The Pervs From Politics—And Let Women Step In

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“Imagine a world in which these powerful male predators had been outed earlier: the pain that would have been avoided, the lives that wouldn’t have been destroyed. Imagine what women could have accomplished in a society where they assumed they would be believed, that abuse would not be tolerated, that their workplace was safe. Imagine […]

Top Democrats call on Conyers to resign over sexual harassment allegations

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“House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), third-ranking Democrat Rep. James E. Clyburn (D-S.C.) and Priorities USA Chairman Guy Cecil said the 88-year-old lawmaker must step down. ‘Zero tolerance means consequences for everyone. No matter how great the legacy, it is no license to harass or discriminate. In fact, it makes it even more disappointing,’ Pelosi […]

Opinion | Jeff Sessions perfectly symbolizes Trump’s assault on truth

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” The administration of “alternative facts” has sought from the start to dilute the value of truth — both to soothe Trump’s ego, but also because the value of truth is closely linked to the integrity of law. “An experienced politician and prosecutor, Sessions is no fool, but it is in his best interest — […]

Andy Rubin takes leave from Essential as probe into ‘inappropriate’ Google relationship goes public: report

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4th Rubin’s spokesperson denies the connection via Facebook through IFTTT

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