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How a Nazi Made the Ballot in Illinois

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“You’re always gonna get a body […] Here we’ve got a Nazi body. Anytime you’ve got a Nazi running, somebody was asleep at the switch.” The strange candidacy of Arthur Jones points to failures of democratic safeguards on every level. via Facebook through IFTTT

Lady Doritos, the patron saint of outrage marketing

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Filed to: In The End Times Of Capitalism. “The conglomerate won itself an astonishing amount of free advertising. “Lady Doritos” was a top trend on Twitter for an entire day, and every publication from the Washington Post to Russia Today felt the need to weigh in on this non-issue. Rush Limbaugh accused the Dorito critics […]

Uber is just too underhanded to play the underdog against Waymo

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“He urged for the project to move faster — he implied the project was mired in a dead end, inventing new things that “are not needed.” Presumably the “new things” were safety measures for the self-driving cars at the heart of this case. ““We don’t need redundant brakes & steering, or a fancy new car, […]

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