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“Suddenly, discussions of street harassment were all the rage […] This, in turn, surprised and irritated me — are the lived experiences of women so invisible to men that this could be construed as news? Or was I a bad feminist for taking such a fact of life for granted and not making more of it?”

November 03 0 Comments Category: Actual

“No, we don’t need a law against catcalling.”

November 03 0 Comments Category: Actual

I’m not sure I agree.

November 03 0 Comments Category: Actual, R3

But WHAT CAN BE DONE: Dos and Don’ts To Combat Online Sexism | Leigh Alexander

July 07 0 Comments Category: Actual

You may notice that a lot of things happen to do with sexism on the internet. Sometimes someone has done a sexist thing and people are talking about it. Sometimes someone has written an article about the time they experienced sexism and other people are having feelings about it.  Sometimes a particular woman or women […]

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