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Why blog comments are worth having.

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I very much agree, comments are an important part of a site, a vital place where you can engage your community. They are very much worthwhile.

I have a few of my own thoughts on the topic here: from digiphile.wordpress.comOn the value of blog commentsOver at GigaOm, Matthew Ingram weighs in on whether blogs should […]

“Buying books online is better for authors, better for the economy, and better for you”

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Russo hangs his tirade on some of the least efficient, least user-friendly, and most mistakenly mythologized local establishments you can find: independent bookstores. Russo and his novelist friends take for granted that sustaining these cultish, moldering institutions is the only way to foster a “real-life literary culture,” as writer Tom Perrotta puts it. Russo claims […]

Ads: The Death of User Experience on CNN, Forbes, Mashable

December 08 Comments Off Category: Amplify, Feed

Ads can be done the right way or the wrong way. Intrusive, auto-playing videos, gigantic banners that hide content below the fold and “Click here to continue” pages are some examples of what you are about to see.Clipped from thenextweb.comFrom reputable news organizations to gossip magazines, everything is moving online. And to keep the flow […]

Why Amazon Loses Money On Every Kindle Fire.

December 06 Comments Off Category: Amplify, Feed

The Kindle Fire is a book store, a movie theater and a record shop. And Amazon’s the one selling the books, movies and music.Clipped from www.npr.orgWhy Amazon Loses Money On Every Kindle Fire

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