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My 12 rules for talking with others on the internet

September 04 Comments Off Category: Blogging, Feed, HackText

The hardest part of doing better on the internet (at least for me, and in my experience for many others) is following these rules. I don’t always get there, but I’m always trying.

Response Stack: build stories out of reader comments.

February 25 Comments Off Category: Blogging, Feed, HackText, Wordpress

I’m releasing a new WordPress plugin today that allows you to use shortcodes to embed comments and comment threads into the body of stories. It’s called Response Stack. The goal is to build stories out of comments and help both the original story and the discussion around it live on. You can see the first […]

The storytelling of the 99 percent.

November 05 Comments Off Category: Blogging, Feed, HackText

I’ll keep it brief. This site is not normally the place where I address politics or “The News.” I’ve been following the riots around Occupy Oakland with significant concern. However, we’re here to talk about storytelling and there is something going on that you shouldn’t miss when it comes to Occupy Wall Street and storytelling. […]

Are timestamps part of your site? They should be.

September 15 Comments Off Category: Blogging, Feed, HackText

On the web everything is in the present, but that doesn’t mean it is presently relevant or even accurate. Timestamps are an essential component of any online content you create. Timestamps are enormously important to participants with online content. While the content you are authoring may not always have relevance, it will always be on the web, sometimes […]
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