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If you build it, they will come.

December 15 Comments Off on If you build it, they will come. Category: DeviantArt, Feed

A first draft of a short SF story that came to me this morning. Wanted to write it up quickly. Hopefully, someone will tell me what they think.

The power in our stories.

September 29 Comments Off on The power in our stories. Category: DeviantArt, Feed

This is the text of my D’var Torah, given 9/28/2011, for Rosh Hashanah for the George Mason University Hillel.

Fogged Windows

February 03 Comments Off on Fogged Windows Category: DeviantArt, Feed

So here’s the story behind the story. A long time ago I took a really good class with a really excellent professor. It was a great class and I think it really helped with my writing. The end result of various exercises and essays was a short story. It …

Two Strikes

September 09 Comments Off on Two Strikes Category: DeviantArt, Feed

Just presented this for the Rosh Hashanah services last night.

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