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Facebook Just Gave The Finger To Millions Of People Who Use It For News

June 29 0 Comments Category: Facebook, Feed

OK That’s enough. How freaking disconnected do you have to be to actually believe that: A: Promoted-or-otherwise page posts are heroically breaking the Filter Bubble. B: The average Facebook user is sitting around today banging their keyboard in outrage over the idea that ‘OMG they’re going to see more posts from their friends!’ Then we […]

A Cosplayer Is Running For Political Office

June 29 0 Comments Category: Facebook, Feed

As the geek culture grows up we’ll see more of these stories, people who played roles on the internet that were once considered unacceptable for public office enter races and push back on standards. Odd politics aside, I think it’s freaking great. We’re only a few decades away from a presidential candidate who has been […]

Ghostbuster Hamburgers Are Just As Ridiculous As You’d Hope

June 29 0 Comments Category: Facebook, Feed

I sort of want to try these. Once again, Japan is raising the bar with hamburgers. This time, it’s turned its skills to Ghostbusters. via Facebook through IFTTT

How Imgur Overtook Facebook Among Male Millennials

June 29 0 Comments Category: Facebook, Feed

I had no idea it was this large. “Imgur, which has long been a Facebook and Twitch rival for the attention of Millennial men, is now–according to Comscore–the top non-Google destination for males between the ages of 18 and 34. (It had 900 billion image views in 2015–and 150 million monthly active unique visitors.)” Once […]

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