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Caminata Nocturna: The Border Crossing Experience

October 25 0 Comments Category: Facebook, Feed

“The Caminata is not a training camp, but an homage to those who would risk death or capture to seek something more and then come back to tell the tale. “These immigrants are not rapists or criminals. They simply hope for a better life elsewhere.” What is it like to illegally cross the border from […]

The ugly history of ‘Lügenpresse,’ a Nazi slur shouted at a Trump rally

October 25 0 Comments Category: Facebook, Feed

“‘Lügenpresse’ was branded a taboo word in Germany in 2015 by an academic panel after anti-Islam movements, such as Pegida, started using it more frequently in the presence of journalists. As in the United States, trust in mainstream media is on the decline in Germany.” “The verbal attacks against journalists soon turned into physical violence […]

Mergers Raise Prices, Not Efficiency

October 25 0 Comments Category: Facebook, Feed

“So it looks like mergers, at least in recent years in the manufacturing industry, let companies make more profits by raising prices, not by being more efficient. That’s bad news for consumers, and for the economy in general. “The implication is that the U.S. needs to get more serious about antitrust. While it’s true that […]

Ex-Aide: Christie Cursed, Threw Water Bottle at Me

October 25 0 Comments Category: Facebook, Feed

“The former aide to Chris Christie who prosecutors say sent the “time for some traffic problems” email that started the George Washington Bridge lane-closing scandal said Friday that she knew only of a planned traffic study, not an alleged political retribution plot, and described the Republican governor as a bully who once threw a water […]

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