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The Myopic Web: shrinking the filter bubble with Dropcat

March 07 Comments Off Category: Feed, HackText, Journalism

Every person you follow or block, every app you use, you’re making a trade-off, the hope that this new stream of information will give you exactly what you need in exchange for closing yourself off a little more from the rest of the world. There have been a lot of things written about “the filter […]

Going to work at

March 06 Comments Off Category: Feed, HackText, Journalism

Big news! Starting next week I’ll be working with as a Full Stack Developer. Salon has always been a website to watch and they are doing great things working with journalism, the mobile web and WordPress. When I interviewed with them, it was clear that they’ve also got plenty of awesome projects still to come. I’m […]

Peaking into Facebook’s algorithmic black box

February 04 Comments Off Category: Feed, HackText, Journalism

If you came to this post from my Facebook you’ve been participating in a little not-so-scientific experiment on my behalf. For most of the month of January almost all of my Facebook shares have passed through a new site I set up with WordPress and PressForward. On I archive a copy of everything I’ve read […]

My 12 rules for talking with others on the internet

September 04 Comments Off Category: Blogging, Feed, HackText

The hardest part of doing better on the internet (at least for me, and in my experience for many others) is following these rules. I don’t always get there, but I’m always trying.

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