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My 12 rules for talking with others on the internet

September 04 Comments Off Category: Blogging, Feed, HackText

The hardest part of doing better on the internet (at least for me, and in my experience for many others) is following these rules. I don’t always get there, but I’m always trying.

procrastinaut: What does Conrad’s Heart of Darkness sound like?…

June 05 Comments Off Category: Feed, HackText, Tumblr


What does Conrad’s Heart of Darkness sound like? Or rather, what would it sound like as music?

TransPose automatically generates music “in response to the emotion of words in literature.”

The text of a novel … [is] segmented into four parts, the octaves determined by the “joy and sadness densities,” and the length of notes set by the density of those emotions.

These emotions in turn are determined by a database of words linked to eight different sentiments, including joy, anticipation, anger, disgust, trust, fear, surprise, and sadness.

So the sections of the book each get an emotional profile.

More detail, and examples, at Hyperallergic.

Heart of Darkness and A Clockwork Orange seem convincing enough, but the musical interpretation of On The Road seems off. Cool experiment, though.

Response Stack: build stories out of reader comments.

February 25 Comments Off Category: Blogging, Feed, HackText, Wordpress

I’m releasing a new WordPress plugin today that allows you to use shortcodes to embed comments and comment threads into the body of stories. It’s called Response Stack. The goal is to build stories out of comments and help both the original story and the discussion around it live on. You can see the first […]

Where have all the student journalists gone? To HuffPo and HubSpot.

February 06 Comments Off Category: College Media, Feed, HackText

Is this drought a Suffolk-specific problem or a much larger crisis? And if the answer is the latter, what is holding an increasing amount of students back from being passionate about — and getting involved with — established college media?  “Are Fewer Students Passionate About College Media?” Dan Reimold, College Media Matters When I worked […]

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