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Links 9-7-11: No more Arrington?, Krug on Bitcoin, Sextortion

September 07 0 Comments Category: Actual, Links

CNN Money is reporting that Michael Arrington, possibly in reaction to his call for TechCrunch’s editorial independence, has been fired from AOL

Links 3-31-11: Blogger’s new look, A tell-all telephone, Microsoft v Google

April 01 0 Comments Category: Actual, Links

Today Microsoft asked the same European regulators who deemed them them anti-competitive to consider Google’s behavior monopolistic.

Links 3-30-11: +1, Project Thunderdome, Amazon’s consumer cloud, Against gamification

March 30 0 Comments Category: Actual, Links

The big news of the day is Google’s partial launch of +1, a very geeky answer to the Like or Retweet button. In a move inspired by forum websites of the late 90s, Google is testing a product that allows you to “+1” search results.

Links 3-8-11: Facebook vs Netflix, NPR executive on tape, Unfollow Charlie Sheen day

March 08 0 Comments Category: Actual, Links

Charlie Sheen is hiring a social media intern. Apparently there are already a lot of applicants. Not sure how that job is going to go.

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