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Links 3-7-11: Facebook comments, Alice returns, Twitter in Manhattan, Ask Me Anything in USA Today

March 08 0 Comments Category: Actual, Links

The big controversy of the day is Facebook comments, stemming off the big post on TechCrunch looking at their own use of Facebook comments.

Links 3-4-11: Time unemployed climbs, Who scans QR codes?, Ramen protest, Foursquare upgrades

March 04 0 Comments Category: Actual, Links

The latest statistics report that the average amount of time people are spending unemployed has climed to 37.1 weeks.

50 posts later: Looking back from my half-way point

March 04 0 Comments Category: Actual, Blogging, Links

About 2 days ago, I reached 50 blog posts over my two blogs. Here’s my most popular content from my march to 100 posts. What happens after I hit 100 posts? I guess I’ll just keep going. The most clicked through on Facebook and Twitter: Crowd-sourced television goes to the next level with Bar Karma […]

Links 3-3-11: Four day Gmail outage over, WordPress DDoS-ed, Westboro wins Supreme Court case

March 04 1 Comment Category: Actual, Links

The internet (and the country) continue to react to the Supreme Court’s ruling that the extremest church’s hurtful speech is still protected under the first amendment.

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