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Student Loans – College Affordability Part 4 | Mason Votes

October 24 0 Comments Category: Mason Votes

Both candidates support loans as a way to help students pay for college. Obama’s plan seeks to increase loan forgiveness, a federal program that cancels all or a portion of a student’s loan, most often in exchange for some form of public service. McCain, however, has voted against programs to provide loan forgiveness on two […]

Community Schools and Vocational Training – College Affordability Part 3 | Mason Votes

October 23 0 Comments Category: Mason Votes

When it comes to community and vocational schools, Obama sees them as essential to providing local students with the skills they need and intends to reward community colleges that increase their graduates and transfers to four-year colleges. McCain focuses on retraining workers. Read more about how the two candidates intend to support community schools and […]

Taking the Cost of Education out of Taxes – College Affordability Part 2 | Mason Votes

October 22 0 Comments Category: Mason Votes

Tax credit programs allow those applicable for a credit to subtract the value from their annual tax payment, or claim it as a deduction. So if you were required to pay $5,000 in taxes this year and you received the $4,000 tax credit that Obama proposes for students, you would only have to pay $1,000 […]

A History of Candidate Positions on College Affordability – Part 1 | Mason Votes

October 21 0 Comments Category: Mason Votes

Senators John McCain and Barack Obama have had plenty to say about Wall Street and Main Street, but they have said little about how the economic situation makes it difficult for students who want to live on University Row. Though college students are expected to be a deciding factor in a number of states, including […]

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