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cracked:cracked:If print journalists have to indicate cuts and…

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If print journalists have to indicate cuts and omissions with ellipses…


…why do we assume video journalists aren’t cutting anything when they literally cut to a new scene?

THIS WEEK: Jack O’Brien is joined by editors Jason Pargin (aka David Wong) and Josh Sargent to talk about the recent documentary boom and some of the genre’s most popular entries from the last 10 years. They have a spoiler-filled discussion about ‘Serial’ and ‘The Jinx’, talk through the tricks documentarians use to manipulate truth, and whether their ultimate obligation should be to honesty or entertainment.

Why Documentaries Lie

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Life and Code’s Greatest Hits

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Life and Code is a learn-to-code blog written with journalists in mind (but useful to anyone who wants to learn).
By far the most popular items on Life and Code are these two: 

  1. Learning to Program for Journalists: the epic HOWTO
  2. Life and Code’s Learn to Code Resource Guide

These are the other Greatest Hits.

  1. Every time you feel like giving up, watch this first
  2. Four Tests for Startups — I don’t take on any project unless they pass these four tests. 
  3. And now a moment of reverent silence to begin our Daily Hour of Code. Take two.
  4. In Praise of Fluff – an essay on what cat pictures and celebrity news add to journalism.  
  5. If You’re a Busy Person and Want To Learn to Program, How Far Can You Get in 30 Days?
  6. The Role of Faith in Learning Something New
  7. It Takes About Six Weeks for Programming To Get Fun
  8. Choosing an entry point when you want to learn to program
  9. Startups for Journalists
  10. Why am I learning to code? Because a lot of things piss me off.
  11. Paying a developer money to build something for you?  Write a spec.  No, seriously, write a spec.
  12. Lisa’s Guide to Boston (in case you come for a conference)
  13. Programming, Journalism, and Bullshit — on how stupid, sexist stereotypes about programmers hold you and everybody else back. 
  14. Learning to Program for the Web: Starting from Scratch 

valanthos:Blade Runner tribute by Hideyoshi

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valanthos:Blade Runner tribute by Hideyoshi

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