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Blogging Back, Looking Forward

January 30 0 Comments Category: UPIU

Obama’s first full week in office will be over in three days. I wish I was more impressed. When I started blogging here I was absolutely thrilled that Obama had won. I am a self-identified liberal and though I was never as happy with Obama as a candidate as the general populace, I did vote for him. […]

How the Israeli Consulate came to Twitter

January 17 0 Comments Category: UPIU

Late last month, the Israeli Consulate in New York held a Twitter-based press conference, inviting anyone to ask questions of the Israeli government about the conflict in Gaza. While activity around their conference blossomed, President-elect Obama’s Twitter account has had little to say since election day last year. The conflict in Gaza has become a […]

The Trade Tax, Fear Index, and Obama’s Common Man

January 14 0 Comments Category: The Economy, UPIU

The latest proposal on the table from President-elect Obama’s advisers is taxing market trades. This is a spectacularly bad idea. In a recent article in The New York Times, op-ed columnist Bob Herbert laid out the reasons behind the recently proposed tax on “the sale or transfer of stocks, bonds and other financial assets, including the seemingly endless […]

Can’t Touch This (Bailout). Stop, Obama Time!

January 13 0 Comments Category: The Economy, UPIU

America’s debt is ballooning with little end in sight. The Federal Reserve has signaled that it anticipates a huge deficit for years to come and President-elect Obama just covered his reputation over the bailout. The charts? Legit. Either work hard or you might as well quit That’s word because you know You can’t touch this, you can’t […]

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