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New PressForward release!

August 28 Comments Off Category: Feed, Tumblr, Wordpress

Get it now at !!!

First run at a generalized “Something’s gone wrong!” mechanism for display inside WordPress

April 25 Comments Off Category: Feed, Tumblr, Wordpress

I’m finding that I need something like this in a lot of projects, so I figured I’d build something out that could be reused and shared between plugins, the idea is a class that can be called inside a plugin or theme unless already active. 

Next step is to take it as its own repo for others to pull and use. 

Get a good TITLE tag when running both Co-Authors-Plus and Yoast WP SEO on Author archive pages.

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Gotta filter those SEO values just right:


February 25 Comments Off Category: Feed, Tumblr, Wordpress


response-stack – Response Stack – A tool for making stories out of your comments

I’m releasing a new WordPress plugin today that allows you to use shortcodes to embed comments and comment threads into the body of stories.

It’s called Response Stack.

The goal is to build stories out of comments and help both the original story and the discussion around it live on.

Read more about why we built it and how it works on my blog: Response Stack: build stories out of reader comments.

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