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Contributing code to the WPGraphQL project during #wcpub contributer day!

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Contributing code to the WPGraphQL project during #wcpub contributer day! Uploaded by Aram Zucker-Scharff August 19, 2017 at 03:52PM from Facebook via IFTTT

Fandometrics in Depth: The Defenders

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Early this morning, in the weeist of hours, Netflix (@netflix) released a miniseries two years in the making: The Defenders. The show features four major characters that each starred in their own Marvel (@marvelentertainment) show: Daredevil (@daredevil), Jessica Jones (@jessicajones), Luke Cage (@lukecage), and Iron Fist (@marvelsironfist). 

These four shows have had their time in the Fandometrics spotlight and the community around them is extremely dedicated. The excitement for the new series is nearly palpable. With all four characters on one show, The Defenders is set-up for success.

The Defenders, historically

The first series to debut was Daredevil on April 10, 2015, followed by Jessica Jones on November 20, 2015, Luke Cage on September 30, 2016, and Iron First on March 17, 2017.

With 16 appearances on our Television list, Daredevil has appeared on more lists than any other Defender, partially due to being the only series that had a second season run thus far. Jessica Jones has appeared eight times and Luke Cage twice. Iron Fist never made it onto a Fandometrics list. This could be attributed to the whitewashing controversy around the titular character’s casting. Y i k e s.

The stars have appeared on our Celebrities list a number of times as well. Charlie Cox and David Tennant are tied with each appearing four times. Though David Tennant is beloved for his time as the Tenth Doctor, most of his rankings took place in late 2015, correlating with the release of Jessica Jones.


The Defenders, currently

We parsed data and perused our lists from the last six months to bring you the hottest, freshest numbers. Though Iron Fist was the most searched (120% more search volume than the next highest Defenders show) and most posted about (9% more search volume), Jessica Jones wins for most reblogged (3% more reblog volume). Daredevil, which fell into the number two spot for searches, original posts, and reblogs, had the most likes; 4% more than Iron Fist.


For your consideration

If you want to take your time with the new episodes, there’s tons of stuff on Tumblr to sift through in between your binge-watching. May we suggest you start with:

And finally, don’t forget to tag your spoilers, pals.


Baltimore’s Confederate Monument Was Never About ‘History And Culture’

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“This seemingly “historical” move had nothing whatsoever to do with “heritage.” Three times as many Marylanders fought for the Union as for the Confederacy. This move was designed to intimidate African Americans and to reassure white Americans in a moment of rising black power. The 1948 Baltimore statue reveals the true intent of Confederate monuments […]

tastefullyoffensive: To battle! (via Emma_The_Ward)

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To battle! (via Emma_The_Ward)

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