Links 3-30-11: +1, Project Thunderdome, Amazon’s consumer cloud, Against gamification

March 30 0 Comments Category: Actual, Links

The big news of the day is Google’s partial launch of +1, a very geeky answer to the Like or Retweet button. In a move inspired by forum websites of the late 90s, Google is testing a product that allows you to “+1” search results.

Links 2-23-11: TBD staff dumped, Easier bibliographies, Compelled consent, A world without oil

February 23 0 Comments Category: Actual, Links

TBD was the great social experiment in DC; a group of media outlets turned into one community-powered converged news source. At least it was before Allbritton systematically removed its limbs.

Links 2-22-11: Libya, Zotero escapes Firefox, UberMedia, Klout controversy

February 22 0 Comments Category: Actual, Links

The quickly spreading unrest has now hit Libya, Iran and other locations. It is both inspiring and horrifying. I’d do a round up, but you are better off just scrolling Andy Carvin’s Twitter stream. I really hope someone is archiving everything he puts out.

Links 2-3-11: Foolish Kenneth Cole, Internet has run out of tubes, WP-Android App maker

February 03 0 Comments Category: Actual, Links

Clothing company Kenneth Cole decided that they had found out a way to profit off the rebellion in Egypt. It’s eponymous founder tweeted something very foolish. Then all hell broke loose.

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