Links 9-7-11: No more Arrington?, Krug on Bitcoin, Sextortion

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CNN Money is reporting that Michael Arrington, possibly in reaction to his call for TechCrunch’s editorial independence, has been fired from AOL

Why Allbritton was right to short-circuit TBD.

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Someone realized that TBD was doing the worst thing in the world for Allbritton, telling the competition that they could compete. The cut-backs issued to Allbritton Communication’s grand experiment TBD were surprising. First the outlet cut community profit-sharing, than Allbritton paired the organization down to just a website and put it under the purview of […]

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Links 2-17-11:Bahrain, WP plugins, The Coca-Cola secret is out

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The latest revolution is in Bahrain, with protests exploding in the capital Manama. Find out more, along with the rest of the internet’s coolest links.

Links 2-15-11: HuffPo serfs you, Rhapsody causes discord, #netneutrality

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Apple has caused waves by launching App Store subscriptions for developers. This allows people to run apps with regular subscription costs, much the same way The Daily, an iPad newspaper-thing, does.

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