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A while back I was in a professor’s digital journalism class talking a bit about what I do for Student Media at George Mason University. When I had finished the professor told his students that they should be more like me. While I’m not sure I can recommend “being like me” to anyone, I’d agree that […]

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50 posts later: Looking back from my half-way point

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About 2 days ago, I reached 50 blog posts over my two blogs. Here’s my most popular content from my march to 100 posts. What happens after I hit 100 posts? I guess I’ll just keep going. The most clicked through on Facebook and Twitter: Crowd-sourced television goes to the next level with Bar Karma […]

Links 3-3-11: Facebook still owns you, iPad 2, Bing beats Yahoo, Twitter hacking at TED

March 03 0 Comments Category: Actual, Links

Here’s your stupid iPad 2 news. I’m done with you.

Links 3-2-11: A great video critique of EA’s marketing, iPad and the FAA, New Evernote features

March 02 0 Comments Category: Actual, Links

Top of the Interwebs: What Makes Andy Carvin Tweet? The latest TechCruch interview talks with NPR’s senior strategist on his role as a node of information and curator. Self-aggrandizement: Ebooks’ greatest obstacle is their inability to escape from the metaphor of bound paper. Pwety: The infographic that spoofs infographics. Worth looking at today: New Evernote release. I’m […]

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