Links 2-18-11: Tomorrow no more, The internet for a free Firefly, Wesleyan stops student prayer

February 19 0 Comments Category: Actual, Links

Nathan Fillion made a statement that if he had $300 million dollars he’d buy Firefly and distribute it for free on the internet. The internet, ever enchanted by Captain Tightpants, has launched a website to give him that money.

Links 2-4-11: NoteSlate, Journalists doing a fourth of their job, Games are good

February 04 0 Comments Category: Actual, Links

Some company (whose website is down) may or may not have invented this really cool looking tablet computer called the NoteSlate. Supposedly this device will be out in June and will retail for $99. They announced it a while back, but the internet just noticed now. It uses eInk and is monochromatic.

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