Four ways to fail upward with content

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Entrepreneurs are often told to fail quickly, but when you’re a writer, your primary product is content. What can you do to build the same mentality into written text? When start-ups seek to fail frequently, they’re really aiming to try new things and to not be afraid to throw out what doesn’t work. If you publish often, the same mentality […]

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Story arcs beyond TV [Thinking]

March 03 Comments Off on Story arcs beyond TV [Thinking] Category: Feed, HackText, Transmedia

Sometimes it is important to maintain a character or narrative over multiple stories. The tool for that is story arcs. Story arcs are most common in TV and graphic novels, however, with the easy linking of stories, there is an opportunity to expand the use of arcs. A quick review: A story arc allows you to move one narrative thread […]

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Get into in medias res

February 03 Comments Off on Get into in medias res Category: Feed, HackText

The beginning is a pretty bad place to start and exposition is for suckers. The key to good writing, be it journalism, fiction, screenplay or science fiction trilogy, is to start in the middle of things. While it is tempting to lead a reader by the nose through your way of thinking and bring them […]

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