Links 2-18-11: Tomorrow no more, The internet for a free Firefly, Wesleyan stops student prayer

February 19 0 Comments Category: Actual, Links

Nathan Fillion made a statement that if he had $300 million dollars he’d buy Firefly and distribute it for free on the internet. The internet, ever enchanted by Captain Tightpants, has launched a website to give him that money.

Can’t Touch This (Bailout). Stop, Obama Time!

January 13 0 Comments Category: The Economy, UPIU

America’s debt is ballooning with little end in sight. The Federal Reserve has signaled that it anticipates a huge deficit for years to come and President-elect Obama just covered his reputation over the bailout. The charts? Legit. Either work hard or you might as well quit That’s word because you know You can’t touch this, you can’t […]

Is Obama Stimulating Failure?

January 09 0 Comments Category: The Economy, UPIU

Image via Flickr by Rachael Dickson. More news about Obama’s stimulus package is constantly leaking out from the President-elect’s associates. The more news I get, the more I wonder, where exactly is this change I was promised? Obama’s plan to build the economy is conventional, at best. The economy continues to fall and it sees unlikely that Obama’s plan […]

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